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      该系列管材机组主要采用SJ45型单螺杆挤出机生产,有单色、双色、三色或多色共挤等多种 规格生产线。管材的形状可以根据客户需要而定。圆形、方形、三角形、菱形、多角形或异形等等。

      该机组主要由挤出机、模具、真空泵定型和不锈钢冷却水箱,牵引装置和定长旋转切割装置或 收卷装置(适合于软管)。

      This series of pipe unit is mainly used SJ45 single screw extruder production, a monochrome, two-color, three color or multi-color coextrusion and other specifications production line. Pipe shape depends on customers’needs. Round, square, triangle, diamond shaped, polygonal or irregular etc..

      Composed of extruder, mould, vacuum pump type and stainless steel cooling water tank, a traction device and a fixed length cutting device or winding device (suitable for hose)


      硬管最大直径:Φ14mm以下Hard tube diameter:below Φ14mm

      定型方式: 真空Shaping methods: vacuum

      真空泵功率: 1.5kwVacuum pump power: 1.5kw

      冷却方式: 水冷Cooling water tank: 4700×300×300mm

      冷却定型水箱: 4700×300×300mm)Cooling mode: water cooling

      牵引机种类: 橡胶辊轮牵引The traction machine types:Rubber roller traction

      多楔带牵引(平牵引和旋转牵引两种)Multi wedge belt traction(flat trtion and rotation traction)

      牵引速度: 0-1500/Hauling speed: 0-1500 r/min

      牵引功率: 1.5kw(变频调速)Hauling power:1.5kw (frequency control)

      定长旋转切割:可采用单刀或双刀旋转切割Fixed length cutting: Single or double cutter

      切割功率: 1.5kw,变频调速Cutting power: 1.5kw (frequency control)

      切割精度: 长度公差±0.05mmCutting precision: Length tolerance ±0.05mm


      Hose production can be matched with the automatic winding device, which has a single disc and double disc.